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Re: screw in cf bulbs --or - If only light could travel a curly path

These aren't a bad way to go if you have only a small space
to fit lights into -- the twisted up cfs are pretty

Unfortunately, a great deal of the surfaces are facing each
other and block a good portion of the light.  Consider how
much of the tube is facing the inside of the coil.  Don't
expect these things to match the light output of a linear
twin-tube design.

That being said, you could do worse for light.  Linear
incandescents, for one example.  These used to be all that
fit under the metal hoods on the metal frame tanks of my
youth -- back when Edison was still perfecting the
incadescent ;-)  Those old incandescents and the metal
hoods, they could be shockingly dim.

Scott H.

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