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Re: Why a digest? was attacks

On 11/18/02 5:41 PM, "Erik Olson" <erik at thekrib_com> wrote:

> There are plugins for most mail readers that will "de-burst" a digest into
> its constituent messages. To the end reader, it will be no different than
> receiving the APD as individual messages, except that it happens only
> twice a day & doesn't put the strain on actwin.com's servers.

Bursting the digests was an obvious solution that I somehow overlooked.  I
was getting ready to write a Perl script to parse the mbox that Mail.app
uses and programmatically burst the file,  delete/rebuild the folder's
index, etc., when I noticed that Entourage has a Mailing List Manager that
supports bursting digests, so I switched to Entourage this morning, and now
I can sort by thread again.  Thanks for pointing out a simple solution.

Steven Bach