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Re: Why a digest? was attacks

On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 12:08:17PM -0500, Bill Wichers
<billw at waveform_net> wrote:

> If there are Eudora plugins for the Mac to do it, you should be able to 
> find Eudora plugins for windows too. Eudora runs on either platform -- you 
> do not have to use outlook on windows, there are others :-) You avoid a lot 
> of viruses/worms by not using outlook too. Outlook (maybe not outlook 
> express) can run local filters and it should be possible to write a "digest 
> splitter" for it. I would bet if you searched for something like "+outlook 
> +digest +separating" or something similar you could probably find some 
> tools that could do this. Friendly local sysadmins may be willing to have 
> their mailserver split the digests for you too since on a typical UNIX mail 
> server it's not very difficult to modify mail if you know how.

You are top posting, which isn't nice.
Yes and yes for outlook and viruses, althought I'll stick with my
UNIX workstation and mutt for the foreseeable future, thank you :-)
The Mac vs. Windows case isn't so simple, apparently the scripts for
"bursting" digest are written in some MacOS script language. Don't
bother to ask me what it looks like, haven't had time to dig
further. So it seems to me that the scripts for Eudora under MacOS
will not work for Windows users.

Vallo Kallaste
kalts at estpak_ee