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RE: Carpet Plants for Medium Light Tanks

"Do you have any pictures of it in your tank? It sounds very beautiful. How tall 
does it get in your tank?"


I do not have any pictures of my tank.  Another Singapore, Jacian, has won 1st price 
in the 2001 AGA contest with elatine as a foreground carpet.


There is a close up picture in a Singapore based forum.

The Elatine will hug the ground if it is able to receive direct light (about 2W/gal 
in my tank) and is not obstructed.  If the plant runs into an obstacle such as the 
tank wall, it will start growing upwards.  The carpet can growth pretty thick up to 
1" or more.  I have also deliberately tried planting it such that it grows upward and 
it reach a height of almost 6".

There were some shortcomings I discovered on this plant though.  It does not respond 
well to frequent or servere trimming.  It tends to melt away.  It also form a carpet 
so thick that the lower leaves get smothered by not receiving enough light.

BC (Singapore)