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The Miracle of Ultraviolet Light

I recently received a free UV sterilizer from the owner of a fish store that 
didn't have a use for the device.  At any rate, I installed a new bulb and 
connected the 25 watt inline unit to the output side of a canister filter.  
Within 24 hours, the water was clearer than I had ever thought possible.  It 
literally appeared as if I had installed brighter lights in the tank.  For 
now, I leave it on full time.

In terms of dealing with the potential issue of depleted nutrients (from the 
possible photo-reduction of compounds like Iron), I switched to 
substrate-based fertilization.  At this point, the unparalleled clarity of 
the water and the potential reduction in water-bourne parasites seems like a 
pretty good thing.  However, like most new things, time will tell.  So far 
so good.


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