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Re: slime

"There's no way I think it could be a Cyanophyte in
that case or at least
extremely unlikely. All are quite susceptible to
The toughest FW one I've ran across is called"

Don't leave me hanging! :)  

I know who killed JFK.  His name was

"Poor maintenance and infrequent water changes sound
like more of cause:-)"

I'll be doing 5 to 10 gallons a week.  Hopefully that
will stop the water from getting so hard too.  


"I don't see much there except pearling plants."

Look closer (especially the bottom two).  It isn't
blatantly obvious at first.  See how some of the
bubbles seem to not really be attached to anything?  A
little messy looking?  

You mentioned something about mold before I think. 
can you expand on that possibility?

Thanks, Cavan  

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