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Re: UltraViolet, ultracloudy

S.Hieber wrote:
   More than once folks have noted that UV lamps cause
   photoreduction of some things in the water, iron or iron
   chelators being one of them (or is that two?).

Hmm. What kind of UV are we talking about here? 

UV-filters with UV-C radiation? 
UV-fluorescents with UV-A and UV-B?

Regarding UV-fluorescents I have the following 

I did the 50% weekly wc-method with weekly nutrient 
doses and measured the Fe-content throughout a week 
with a Hagen Reptiglo 5.0 UV-A and UV-B bulb and 
the Fe-content dropped very rapidly after a couple of 
days. The next week I ran the system without the UV-
bulb and the Fe-content didn't drop nearly as fast as 
with the UV-bulb.
The colors of the L.arcuata and P.palustris became 
really intense with the UV-bulb - but only with the 
cover-glass removed.

Now I dose every couple of days, so now I got 
eager to test the UV-bulb again...