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Re: Aquarium Related Injuries

     As a child, my parents had a nice glass bottom tank filled with angels. 
My favorite thing to do was to open the top, reach my hand in, and move 
gravel till I could see glass. Then I would climb under the stand, and gaze 
up through the bottom. As I got older and larger, this task became harder, 
untill at the age of 5 I finally got in, but could not get out. They had to 
drain and dissasemble the entire setup to get me out. 
     We've also had a few injuries. In fact last week one of my co-workers 
twisted his wrist bad enough to get a cast while drilling a hole through a 
wall for a 4" fish room waste pipe. I had a toenail ripped out while helping 
a friend move a 300, they set it down a bit too quickly to remove my foot 
from under it. My wife knocked a 48" light fixture into a twenty gallon, 
taking out the front pane while I was standing next to it. That was the shock 
that got me to buy GFCI outlets for every outlet in the house. ;)


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