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Cryp undulatas

Ok, I havn't done this in a while... Cryptocoryne undulatas, Kasselmann
refers to it as undulata I believe. Would anyone care to relate any personal
experience with this plant?

I found it to be fairly undemanding. I give it low to moderate light, CO2,
and it produces new leaves readily. It has nice smooth edges, no puckered
texture as other cryps do, and looks very vibrant. It has stayed at a
maximum height of about 6" for me, some plants stay shorter. I don't know if
this is typical or not, or if under other conditions it will grow much
larger submersed than what it does for me.  This plant is sporaticaly
offered in the channel here in the USA from Florida Aquatic Nurseries:
potted with bushy growth.

Any comments would be welcome.

Robert Paul Hudson
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