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Re: aquarium related injuries

We fishkeepers seem to be a nervous lot with everyone jerking their arms 
out of tanks suddenly. I had a similar experience early in my fishkeeping 
career. We a had a tank with several medium-sized SA cichlids in it. I 
derived some sort of weird pleasure from holding the fish food just above 
the water to attract all of these little monsters and whip them into a 
feeding frenzy. Anyway one female Oscar decided she'd had enough and leaped 
out of the water to get the food making me jerk my arm back with said fish 
still attached to my index finger resulting in her being dumped 
unceremoniously on the floor. I quickly placed her back in the tank with no 
seemingly ill effects bar both our prides being wounded and some scratches 
on my fingernail. I have since had more respect for our finny friends.

Cheers Tony