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Re: aquarium-related injuries

Shireen wrote:

> tennis elbow, cause by hauling around buckets of water for all
> 14 aquariums that I maintain. My doctor told me not to use my

Ditch the bucket and get yourself a python water changer.  I'd
never switch back to buckets again.

Just noticed the baby fish issue.   Easy!  Get a large Aquaclear
filter sponge, cut a piece that can fit into the end of the
python vac tube.   It'll keep the baby fish in the tank, and
still let the water thru.

> So, has anyone else been hurt by their aquariums?   ;-)

Mine was "sort of" an aquarium injury.   I've got a big hood
over my 75g.  The fluorescent lights mean that the hood says
pretty warm.   I've got several cats  (kitty cats, not catfish)
and these cats LOVE sleeping on top of the hood.   One day, I
completely removed the hood to re-wire the lighting.  I noticed
my VERY large tabby sitting on the nearby bookcase, looking at
the tank.   I just started to think "boy, I hope he doesn't...."
when he flew across the room, heading right into the tank.  I
didn't want that to happen, so I caught him in mid-air, just as
he realized he was about to go swimming.   I caught him "pointy
side up" as it were.   I needed stiches for that one.

That was the last time he ever went near the tank.  Good thing,
cause next time, he'll be swimming.