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Plant tank Experiment - Need some help please.


I have acquired 3, 2 foot tanks. I would like to do a plant tank experiment with a difference. This is the plan, I would like to follow exact and I mean exact instructions from a couple of the plant gurus on the list. Tom Barr and two other gurus. The premise would be to create a tank as per their recipe and then over time see how the different approaches work.

I think that as an experiment to help rank amateurs make a 'bullet proof' plant tank it will be very interesting. I am not a rank amateur I have had plant tanks for about 9 years and I think that I was the first guy in my country to go CO2 etc. I would use none of my own knowledge and follow the instructions to the letter, or as close as humanly possible.

Remember this experiment should be possible for people all over the world so generic fertilisers etc will need to be used. I will chronicle progress with a camera and notebook and eventually post pictures and diary entries. My biggest point in all this will be to prove that the plant tank world does not have to be intimidating and scary. So please let me know what you guys and gals think, if it is a good idea or not. Any thoughts or ideas would also be appreciated.

Paul Gray