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Re: aquarium-related injuries

I once had a trio of Green Panchax (one male and two female). One of
them attacked me rather heartily as I was cleaning the bottom and moving
a few plants about. It was one of the females that attacked, and it was
not like other fish who commonly nibble at you to see if you are food.
This fish took a long swim to build up speed, hit hard and bit for all
its little might.

I was so surprised that I could not stop myself from yanking my arm out
the tank, whereupon I struck the metal side of the tank with the side of
my arm, scraped it nicely and left about a 4" round bruise for the next
couple of weeks! As it turned out, the fish were actually spawing where
I was messing, and they were just being protective. A little while
later, we had several little baby Panchax swimming about. Gutsy little

Ed Dumas