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re: aquarium-related injuries

>(Don't tell me to use a python. I have too many baby fish in my

Use a Python! I usually suck up all the mulm first, then slip
on a mesh with rubberband to hold it in place on the end and 
leave the python unattended to drain 50% of the water with no 
fear of having any fish sucked into it. (Been there, done that)

As for aquarium related injures, I've been lucky. 
So far the worst has been when my pleco startled me while I 
was cleaning the front glass and I jerked my arm out.
The plastic edge neatly shaved off 3" of skin from my forearm.

Which reminds me of a similar experience I had when I kept
a python (not the water changing thing) and it bit me
while i was feeding it causing me to jerk my arm out of 
his cage (75G tank)...the edge shaving 3" of skin from my forearm.

..and then there was the fish hook under the nail thing...don't ask.