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Re: Plagioheciacase sp.

Hi Steven,

Sorry about my very slow response.  I think I
am partly responsible for the confusion on
this one.

The scientific name of South American Willow
Moss is still unknown.   ADA identified the
South American Willow Moss as
Plagiotheciacase sp. in  Feb. 2002 issue of
ADA's Aqua Journal.  I used the name
Plagiotheciacase. sp. when I translated the
ADA's press release and their contest result.
Up until this year Aqua Journal listed its
scientific name as unknown.  I contacted ADA
on behalf of this list a couple of days ago.
ADA said in their response that Aqua
Journal's staff thought the name was correct
at that time but later found it to be
inaccurate if not incorrect.

ADA told me that a lot of willow moss on the
market currently come from Oriental Aquarium
in Singapore.  The common name listed in
Oriental Aquarium's catalog "The Aquatic
Plant Hand Book" is Christmass Moss 'South
America'.  The catalog does not list a
scientific name for this plant.

Christmas Moss 'South America'
pH: 6-7.5 tem. 22-28

Epiphytic moss propagated from fragmented

This species can produce lateral branches in
a regular fashion so as to give the
appearance of Christmas tree foliage. It is
often referred to as Christmas moss. This
beautiful moss will enhance the natural look,
if they are grown attached to rocks and wood
in the aquarium.

Hope this helps.