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Driftwood alternatives

William,  I have also had a difficult time finding branching driftwood.
Most of it has been big "chunks".  There is a MO place called Aquarium
Driftwood http://www.aquariumdriftwood.com/ that supposedly has really nice
branchy pieces.  I haven't purchased from them yet but plan to soon.
Several APDers have related positive experiences with them and posted
pictures that were very nice.

Granted, it would be cool to find your own but this is another alternative.

I think we may need to organize a giant field trip to Tom Barr's place.  He
has related several stories of great stuff in that area!  I bet he would be
delighted to have 1500 people show up at his door he, he!

Daphne, who is very sad to have to miss the conference, hope everyone has a