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Today's menu: All sorts of algae keyed out

At "Are You Happy to Shashimi Tom's" today's menu we are offering :

Green ball algae, Green Dust algae, Haystack branched algae and the nice
algae that grows in nice tufts on wood.

The green bubble algae is a real treat.
I really liked the green bubbles!!
Very neat and not seen very often.

So here's what you(Robert sent me) have:

Green Dust is a zoospore former like I had suggested previously.
Genus: Stigeoclonium
But you also had another critter with sickle cell shapes:
Genus: Ankistrodesmus

Now the Ball Forming intergelatinous beast is
Genus: Chaetophora incrassata
The balls are very very tough and difficult to break. They have branching

I also had some haystack algae I collected, it's branched at the macro scale
and often entangles fine leaf plants. It is easy to remove and larger than
some of the more slimy algae.

Now that algae that grows on the wood and is actually a nice non invasive
lower plant is 
Genus: Dichotomosiphon tuberosus

I'm looking for the following algae if folks could send some samples:

Green long slimy hair algae.
Alage that infest moss, Riccia etc.
Some real rich Green water.

GW will take the electron microscope in figure out what it is. They are very
fast and hard to see so I'll have to centrifuge them or use a very fine
filter to get enough in my sample for the scope.

Now you know what the heck these beast are and I voted for my write in
candidate, the plants!

Tom Barr