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Plagioheciacase sp.

First of all I would like to congratulate the TAG staff for another splendid color edition. The beautiful photo of the ADA sponsored competition's winning tank shows a moss which is named 'South American willow moss (Plagioheciacase sp.)' Today I did a net search for this name with both Yahoo and Google : no results. The only name closely resembling it was the Genus Plagiothecium and the Family Plagiotheciaceae. Was this a printer's error or is it the name of a recently discovered moss from South America? 
The same issue of TAG page 14 says "Fontinalis antipyretica (South American willow moss". The same English name! and as far as I know Fontinalis antipyretica is cosmopolitan. Maybe the tank has a tropical variety? This is confusing. Does anybody have any answers?



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