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Re: Today's menu: All sorts of algae keyed out


Never heard anyone "looking" for algae before. I have some long dark hair
algae but it didn't feel slimy, looks like cotton thread with similar
consistency just weaker (I thought my wife's hair had gotten in the tank at
first), threw out a foot long strand last night. I also have some algae
which is growing mainly on my java moss and some (perhaps same algae) on the
riccia but not as much. I'd love to send you ALL of it !!

Giancarlo Podio

--- Original Message ---
I'm looking for the following algae if folks could send some samples:

Green long slimy hair algae.
Alage that infest moss, Riccia etc.
Some real rich Green water.

GW will take the electron microscope in figure out what it is. They are very
fast and hard to see so I'll have to centrifuge them or use a very fine
filter to get enough in my sample for the scope.

Now you know what the heck these beast are and I voted for my write in
candidate, the plants!

Tom Barr