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I bought K2SO4 (min 99%) for $31 a kilo (2.2 pounds) and KNO3 (min 99.5%)
for $20 a kilo from www.sciencealliance.com a couple of years ago.  Looks
like the science alliance web site is down right now.  You might won't to
try www.sigmaaldrich.com for the same things.  Probably can get any PO4
containing compound that you want there too.  The more nines to the right of
the decimal point the more expensive.  Certainly 99.0% is plenty good enough
for aquariums. You usually get the impurity analysis with a laboratory grade
chemical as well, benign stuff like NaCl, etc.  A kilo is probably a decade
supply for many of us.

Joe K in Takoma Park, MD with 8" of rain in October :)
Blooming in the yard:  saffron crocus and other falling blooming crocus