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>The guy with the rocketry site surmised that it was used to further 
>accelerate the decomposition process.  I guess two oxidizers are better 
>than one.  I'm pretty sure the product I have does not contain lye since it 
>doesn't have that "dry yet wet" feel and doesn't suds up.  Lye aside, I'm 
>paranoid enough about the stump remover now, though, that I'll be searching 
>out another source.  My current bottle's nearly empty and I wouldn't mind 
>having something that dissolves easier anyway.

A quick pH test should indicate the presence os lye. For a time
it was listed in the Guiness book of world records as the strongest
base, though no dount something with lots of methy this and oxy
that and 5,5,trans what have you's has replaced it by now.

Pure KNO3 should be neutral.
Any Lye would make it a base.


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