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Re: KNO3

K9AUB at aol_com wrote:

> > Chuck H. wrote:
> > > You could also just go to Walmart and get some Greenlight stump
> > > remover. Greenlight has verified that it's just KNO3.
> > It's not pharm.
> > > grade, but it is relatively pure.
>When did Greenlight change this?  Greenlight does not state that it is 
>pure, but in fact they state that it is only 95% KNO3.  (Write them and 
>ask for yourself.)  According to Greenlight, the other 5% can include many 
>impurities, including Arsenic.

When I wrote, "Greenlight has verified it's just KNO3," I meant that it 
doesn't contain additives.  I wasn't addressing impurities.  Later, I wrote 
that Green Light is *relatively* pure.  It wasn't my intent to imply that 
it is 100% pure.  I should have been more precise in my meaning.  If my 
words were misleading, I apologize.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee