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Re: (Buying KNO3) Generic Question

I found an independent pharmacy in the phone book and will be visiting them
tonight to see if my luck changes. If I can I would really feel safer
getting this from a pharmacy rather than a stump remover.

I'm going to totally ignore anything I know from the past and start from
scratch with this tank. Obviously what I've been doing for years in low
light tanks is useless (or close to it) when increasing light levels to this
point. I'd like to pick the various brains here and ask a generic question;

I have a 55gallon tank with DIY CO2, 2.5-3WPG of (SF & CF) flourescent
lighting, fluorite substrate, average fish population and modest amount of
plants. What values would you test for and what chemicals / products would
you keep at hand to supplement and fertilize the water?

I hope that's not too much of a generic question or too long to answer
correctly. Seeing I'll be visiting the pharmacy today which is not too close
to home I'm hoping to have a list of products I could ask for and at the
same time hope to get a list of items I should have at hand before turning
the lights back up.


Giancarlo Podio