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Re: Buying KNO3 -- Stump Removers

Chuck H wrote:
 > ACS grade chems are excellent. The Green Light stump remover isn't
 > nearly so pure. I haven't the faintest idea what the extra junk might
 > be, but the GL stuff I have is white, opaque, and granular with only
 > a rare speck of dark material here and there. It's dry and crunchy to
 > the touch, and it doesn't clump. I agree that it doesn't stay in
 > solution particularly well and is cloudy, but I haven't noticed any
 > gelatinous material. Perhaps Green Light has changed for the worse
 > since I bought mine. It has been a while.

The Green Light Stump Remover I have is most definitely not white, nor 
very granular. It is a pale yellow powder. It smells very strongly of 
potassium chlorate KClO3(another oxidizer), but I don't think human 
olfactory senses are enough to produce a reliable assay.

I wouldn't worry a lot about NaOH in KNO3. Think of KNO3 as a HNO3 
(nitric acid) solution with K dissolved in it. I wonder if the NaOH is 
added to counter the acidity of the NO3?

Jerry Baker