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Re: KNO3

K9AUB at aol_com wrote:
 > When did Greenlight change this? Greenlight does not state that it is
 > pure, but in fact they state that it is only 95% KNO3. (Write them
 > and ask for yourself.) According to Greenlight, the other 5% can
 > include many impurities, including Arsenic. It was never intended nor
 > manufactured to be safe for aquarium use, and is intended only to be
 > used to accelerate decay of tree stumps. Just because you got away
 > with using it in an aquarium once doesn't mean that tomorrow's
 > production run won't have something in there that can damage fish.
 > Frankly, I think using stump remover in aquariums is a foolish
 > economy that plays Russian Roulette with the fish. There are much
 > safer sources, albeit a little more costly.

I agree. The university here in town has a chemical supply room, and 
they sell to the public. 500g of ACS grade KNO3 costs $19.31. Although 
that is far more expensive than Green Light, you know what you are 
getting. You get a highly detailed assay on the bottle. 500g is enough 
for about 215 doses of 5 mg/L in a 75g tank. That comes out to 8.8 cents 
per dose. That's not terribly expensive.

Jerry Baker