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Re: KNO3

> Chuck H. wrote:
> > You could also just go to Walmart and get some Greenlight stump
> > remover. Greenlight has verified that it's just KNO3. 
> It's not pharm.
> > grade, but it is relatively pure.

When did Greenlight change this?  Greenlight does not state that it is pure, but in fact they state that it is only 95% KNO3.  (Write them and ask for yourself.)  According to Greenlight, the other 5% can include many impurities, including Arsenic.  It was never intended nor manufactured to be safe for aquarium use, and is intended only to be used to accelerate decay of tree stumps.  Just because you got away with using it in an aquarium once doesn't mean that tomorrow's production run won't have something in there that can damage fish.  Frankly, I think using stump remover in aquariums is a foolish economy that plays Russian Roulette with the fish.  There are much safer sources, albeit a little more costly.