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RE: Dentists with Reef Tanks

 >> Dentists with reef tanks are universally idiots, IME. They have lost all
 >> sight of their professional reason for being and are only in it for the 
 >> money and the ability to impress, IMO and IME. Run away. Find a dentist 
 >> with a simple old-fashioned office. He'll probably be older than dirt, 
 >> but that's good.

Nearly _thirty_ years ago, a study was done by Drs. Katcher and Beck at the 
University of Pennsylania. The study showed that watching an aquarium relaxed 
dentist's patients even more than hypnosis could. Many studies since have 
shown how the heart rate and blood pressure lowers in humans merely by 
watching fish, petting a dog, or interacting with any other non-human animal. 

For decades, the pet industry has promoted the heck out of these facts as one 
of the many benefits of pet ownership. It is beneficial to the patient to be 
able to watch fish and many dentists give their patients that benefit. Most 
merely put an aquarium in the waiting room. The really cool dentists put one 
where you can watch it while in the chair. It makes time pass so much faster.

So, if it were me, I'd LOOK for a dentist with an aquarium, figuring that 
he's a guy who keeps himself current with the latest technology and 
information... and I'd avoid the "older than dirt" guy you recommend because 
maybe he doesn't even know about Novacaine yet!


Mike Wickham (mewickham at compuserve_com)
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