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Re: buying KNO3

Hey gang,

James Purchase wrote in part:
>>if I was seriously interested he would  check
with several chemical supply houses and order
pharmaceutical grade KNO3 for me. But I bet it would
probably be expensive (I didn't ask about the

James, that's how I got mine. These pharmacists are
generally good and genuinely helpfull people....But
some are just plain old too important to be bothered
with something other than major health care issues.
Some places now you can't even speak to a real
pharmacist without alot of hub bub, you can only give
the technician your 'scrip and come back in a 1/2
hour....dark days, indeed 

All pharmacies have access to virtually every every
ointment, salve, and snake oil that was ever created
and used in the treatment of illness and the more
outdated, the cheaper it is. I've gotten CaCO3, KNO3,
PO4 (enema), MgSO4, and Boron through the pharmacy,
so, your local drug store is a great source for
fertilisers;) Just ask the kid behind the front
counter what he thinks of the $200 electric razor in
the showcase....You'll get some fertiliser.

I happen to be tight with a couple of pharmacists and
I got my KNO3 for $1.87(US) for 6oz....Y$MV. They can
all get it. (I know I said 12oz last post...My
That doesn't seem any more expensive than the
hydroponics stuff.

John Wheeler

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