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Re: PO4 "buffers"

I use Flourish Excel, and it does not change the pH of water - you can't use 
the pH/CO2/KH charts to figure out how much of it is in the water column. I 
did want to mention another possibility for water parameter changes in the 
tank, which is water parameter changes at the tap. I noticed the same 
startling thing one day - my KH which had usually been around three was 
suddenly around 1! I had been playing with the amount of CO2 I was 
injecting, and the amount of fertilizer I was adding - could better plant 
growth be robbing my water of KH? In this case, no. What had happened was 
that the water company changed water sources from a local reservoir to a 
more distant one, as they do every year, and the two water sources have 
decidedly different characteristics. This may not be what is going on, but 
it is always worth checking that the tap water hasn't changed.


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