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Re: Why is ADP port scanning ?

Bill wrote:

> What this all means is that the actwin.com mailserver tried to send an 
> email message to your server via SMTP, which is the Simple Mail Transfer 
> Protocol (the standard used on the Internet). You and/or petswarehouse 
> apparently has this machine firewalled so that it denies incoming SMTP 

It might have been caused by a mis-configured MX record for Petswarehouse,
and Actwin's mail server simply tried to send an email to the petswarehouse
(presumably because someone there is subscribed).

> A port scan will normally go through many ports in order and in very rapid 
> succession. As a systems administrator for an ISP I have a lot of 
> experience being on the receiving end of such things.

Yup.   I also am frequently on the receiving end of a clueless
admin who thinks someone attempting to connect to a single public
commonly used port is "port scanning" and acts like they were
being hacked.