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Re: A&H light

> JoAnn 

I'd go with a MH set up for the 75 if you can hang a MH set up in the
That's what's I'm doing for my 75 gallon.
Adding another 2x55w will do fine otherwise for the keeping the 96 watt.
Or have a slight staggered 2 x 96  set up. The two ends will have not as
good spread of light but the over lap of 24" or so in the middle will be
very bright.
You can set up your plant scheme to take the lighting into account in both
areas and also since the one end will have a front "hot spot" on one end
while the other end will have a back hot spot to match, you can add wood,
lower light tolerant plants in the darker spot and a higher light plant in
the "hot spot" part. The middle 24" will have all the light you need and a
nice spread.
But 192w on a 75 is a good amount of light. I like the reflectors from A&H,
but I bend them out so they have a wider spread if the tank is 20 inches
deep or less. Those reflectors have a narrow focus that are more suited for
24"-to 24"+ depths. Either that or you need 220w of 4x55w etc for a decent
I recently modified my own hoods and added a wood hood stand like the the
Azoo legs to prop up the hood so it's something like a pendant but still a
See posted an image.
Tom Barr