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RE: Nutrients vs. algae

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From: Jeremy White [mailto:jwhite at zzz_com]
Sent: 11 October, 2002 16:10
To: Lee Boon Chuan
Subject: Nutrients vs. algae

I would post this to the list, but I seem to have stopped getting it.

Anyways - FWIW - I seem to only get algae when there is a imbalance.... that
is, vastly more PO4 then NO3 (or the opposite.)

When I run high PO4, and high NO3 (and enough Fe) I get a decrease in algae.

Funny, I got the MOST green thread algae when I have NO PO4.

So, my experience seems to back yours up.

Also, I run a pretty high light tank (2.5 wpg.)