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Marsilea quadrifolia .... a new plant!

Hi all!

I've grown a variety of this plant for the last couple of years and I
really like it as an alternative to glosso.  It grows just like glosso only
2-3 times as tall ('bout an inch an' a quarter).  It tolerates low light
and grows well w/o Co2.  It didn't take me too long to fall in love with
it!  'Been fiddling with it MUCH and I managed  to grow it emersed.  This
makes it one of the sturdiest plants to ship anywhere, unlike glosso.  It
also won't get stringy like glosso just because it's in less than 2 watts
per gallon.  It's a deep dark green and grows slower than glosso but is
persistent.   I now have lots of quadrifolia in stock.  I wish I could see
it in more neatly aquascaped tanks.  Here's a quickie snapshot to give size
perspective: http://www.floridadriftwood.com/aquaticclover.jpg

 I've run across yet another species of Marsiela.  This one is REALLY tiny!
 Exactly the same size as glossostigma.  It seems to have all the same
features as the inch 'an a quarter one but I am at a loss to figure out
what its name is.   I don't see it described anywhere.  I've seen three
types in "Aquarium Plants - A Practical Guide"  Marsilea crenata, Marsilea
quadrifolia and Marsiela schelpinia.  They are all described (incorrectly
IMHO) as terrarium plants on page 205 directly over the notorious mondo
grass (Ophipogon sp.)  Those three pictures all seem to be of the emersed
form and they all create the illusion that the plants are all the same
size...not!  It may be that the new Marsilea I have is schelpinia growing
in a submersed form.  I'm not sure.  All I know is the tiny Marsilea is
less than 1/2 the size of the quadrifolia I  pictured above.  

It will be a few months well before I have enough to sell.  I have to
figure out the right conditions to force emersed growth first.  The little
plant is proving more difficult to force into emersed growth.  Does anyone
have any M. schelpinia of their own?  I'd like to have some help with the

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