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Re: Natural creation of CO2

Roger Miller wrote:
>Dry sugar is stable in air, so that is probably not going to help.  Wetting
>things might help but then you have problems getting circulation through a
>moist medium and managing the moisture content.
>All-in-all, yeast-produced CO2 seems like a way better idea.

The method resembles "active sludge":
It is completely wet, so the question remains if sugar might help the

If this method works to produce sufficient amount of CO2 it yeilds
a couple of advantages over yeast-produced CO2:
1) It shouldn't require constant supervision. Less work and fiddeling
with sugar and yeast. Just open the lid and throw down your dead
2) It's less expensive ;) *lol*
3) Recycling of leaves/dead plants. Ecological.
4) Because of the slow nature of the process you can open a valve
at night and don't have to worry about loss of CO2, or perhaps
just shut off the air-pump with timer?
5) The remaining sedimenation might be useful when making
substrate fertilizer?