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Re: Parasite

Thanks to everyone who replied! Pretty much everyone indicated that
its a parasite called 'Camallanus' and the suggested treatment is
levamisole hydrochloride - which I found at a Southern States. Its
supposedly plant safe - I'll try it out tonight. Scary part is that I'll
have to
treat all my tanks, as it seems to be contagious and spreads very
quickly if using the same nets etc in every tank.

I'll have to learn to be more careful....

Again, thanks to everyone who replied - really appreciated it.

Ghazanfar Ghori

I sent the above post a few days ago and it didn't get posted. The
visible parasites dropped out within two hours of dosing. The fish
however are now showing a lack of appetite. I'm assuming its
because dead worms might still be in the gut? I added in some
Epsom salts, hopfully that will help expell any dead parasites
within the fish.