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Re: Natural Creation of CO2

>Would sugar be of any help, or is this only used in anearobic

>// Daniel

I think sugar is a little too fast, and it might make the soil go 
acidic, or something.  It greatly increases the osmotic strength of 
the soil solution when added, whereas oatmeal flakes, which are 
mostly starch, do not. I suppose sugar would work if used carefully, 
and not in large amounts.   Oatmeal flakes are just right, and should 
start producing CO2 about 36 to 48 hours after being added to the 
soil, and should keep producing it for about 5 to 7 days.  Another 
nice thing about oatmeal flakes, is that you can see the progress of 
the breakdown.  It might be a good idea to add some ground up 
eggshells to the soil to keep it from becoming too acidic.  Minerals 
will build up in the soil and eventually slow down decomposition, but 
that won't happen for many months if you use oatmeal.

  Paul Krombholz in central Mississippi, where the predicted heavy 
rains did not materialize.  Only light rain and mist.