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Natural creation of CO2

Daniel wrote:

> >Yes! it should work, or at least it is certainly worth the effort of
> >finding out.
> Thank you for your response Mr. Krombholz! I was searching the
> internet for natural creation of CO2 and found your DIY-method
> with a bag and some breathing.
> Totally amazing!
> And when I come home from work today I will try to make a
> sump as stated above with the help of your instructions. Would sugar be of 
> any help, or is this only used in anearobic
> processes?

Remember that the air you're going to use to keep things aerobic is about 80% 
inert gas -- nitrogen and argon.   Even if all the oxygen in the air is used 
to produce CO2 the resulting mixture can't be more than about 20% CO2.  In 
reality -- even after a long time trying to optimize things -- the gas you 
get will never be more than slightly enriched in CO2.

The advantage to producing CO2 anaerobically is that the resulting gas is 
substantially pure CO2.

Dry sugar is stable in air, so that is probably not going to help.  Wetting 
things might help but then you have problems getting circulation through a 
moist medium and managing the moisture content.

All-in-all, yeast-produced CO2 seems like a way better idea.

Roger Miller