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Re: Micro Anubias

Sorry I forgot to change the subject line in my last post so here it is

I haven't been following this thread a lot however it sounds like
Anubias Minima (may be Minimus), I used to be able to buy it in Italy
however haven't seen it here (US) yet. From what I was told it is infact a
dwarf variation, perhaps of the barteri var. nana (which already means dwarf
:), I had 3 of them for around 2 years in one of my tanks and although it
grew at a normal rate for Anubias the leaves never got any bigger. I think
it was a little more than a normal Barteri and not as easy to find however
not too expensive. This link shows someone's tank with some Anubias Minima
on the left side.


(May need to copy and paste the link back together)

Is this the same plant or are we talking about a different Anubias?