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Re: Re: Micro Anubias

>>The fact is that this particular plant truly IS a dwarf variety. I first
the plant in Germany in my friend Dennerle's greenhouse, over four years
ago. We have been slowly collecting this plant since last year. We have had
some in one of our show tanks for over a year now and they have grown very
slowly, but all the leaves are still thumb size. If someone in our store
quoted it at $25, they were mistaken,  because they are under orders not to
sell any yet.<<

Paul is my middle name, after my grandfather, but if you really want to call
me that, thats ok! So what specie is it then, Guy? If it's round leaf it
must be a form of barteri...Is it man made? An engineered strain? Hybrid?
It's not in Dennerles catalog...
Now if it came varigated, that would be super cool!

Robert Paul Hudson