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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #373

Sorry I haven't been following this thread a lot however it sounds like
Anubias Minima (may be Minimus), I used to be able to buy it in Italy
however haven't seen it here (US) yet. From what I was told it is infact a
dwarf variation, perhaps of the barteri var. nana (which already means dwarf
:), I had 3 of them for around 2 years in one of my tanks and although it
grew at a normal rate for Anubias the leaves never got any bigger. I think
it was a little more than a normal Barteri and not as easy to find however
not too expensive. This link shows someone's tank with some Anubias Minima
on the left side.


Is this the same plant?


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> Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 01:47:09 -0700
> From: "Robert H" <robertph3 at attbi_com>
> Subject: Re: Re: Micro Anubias
> >>The fact is that this particular plant truly IS a dwarf variety. I first
> saw
> the plant in Germany in my friend Dennerle's greenhouse, over four years
> ago. We have been slowly collecting this plant since last year. We have
> some in one of our show tanks for over a year now and they have grown very
> slowly, but all the leaves are still thumb size. If someone in our store
> quoted it at $25, they were mistaken,  because they are under orders not
> sell any yet.<<
> Paul is my middle name, after my grandfather, but if you really want to
> me that, thats ok! So what specie is it then, Guy? If it's round leaf it
> must be a form of barteri...Is it man made? An engineered strain? Hybrid?
> It's not in Dennerles catalog...
> Now if it came varigated, that would be super cool!
> Robert Paul Hudson
> www.aquabotanic.com