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Splash Guard for Lamps?

I got some 13watt kits from AHS and they are really nice. I tried the 13w
with the Miro reflector and my first reaction is that it is too much for a
planted 3gallon. The "normal" wattage that comes standard with this little
tank is a 6w flourescent with a plastic white reflector so it is quite a
step up to the AHS. Just for grins I tried a 9w setup with the Miro and I
like it much better.

So tomorrow I'm going to get a small box to contain the transformer and the
wirenuts, etc., and put it all together. Also putting in a GFI to connect
all of this to.

The question I have is what about splash proofing? Do most folks have a
acrylic or glass splash guard to minimize water on the fixture? Although not
water tight the original fixuring on the System 3 was pretty unlikely to get
water near any voltage due to splashing or condensation. OTOH, the
evaporation and resultant condensation was always present on the hood and
would likely get on the new electricals that way regardless of splashing.

Any suggestions?