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Re: Unidentified plants

Wow, someone actually wrote about plants!!

On Thursday 12 September 2002 13:48, Ghazanfar wrote:

> Besides those, I saw and collected three species I could not identify.
> Maybe one of you will have more luck....
> http://www.aquaticscape.com/temp/UGO_A_1.jpg
> http://www.aquaticscape.com/temp/UGO_A_2.jpg
> Very brittle but pretty!

I can't tell what this is.  Maybe a najas, or possibly one of the small sp. 
of Potamogeton.  It *is* very pretty.

> http://www.aquaticscape.com/temp/UGO_B_1.jpg
> http://www.aquaticscape.com/temp/UGO_B_2.jpg
> Almost looks like a variant of H. zosterfolia. Leaves are thicker
> than zosterfolia tho. Someone mentioned that it may be Zosterella dubia.

I think it might be Heteranthera dubia.  Is that the same thing as Zosterella 
dubia?  I don't know.  There's a fairly good set of photos at


This whole web site is pretty neat, as they provide a way to key out aquatic 
plants that are common in Chesapeak Bay.  I found a few dead-end links, but 
otherwise it worked pretty well.

> http://www.aquaticscape.com/temp/UGO_C_1.jpg
> http://www.aquaticscape.com/temp/UGO_C_2.jpg
> Hairgrass x stem plant hybrid!

This looks to me like sago pondweed -- Potamogeton or Stuckenia pectinata.  
Try comparing your plant to the photo at:


Your photos are real nice, it might help if you were to place something in 
the photos to provide a sense of size for the plant.  Rulers and coins are 
common examples.

Roger Miller