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Ichetucenee & Najas

> I did find some interesting measurements of this spring. The air layer
> directly above (1 cm) the water was measured and found to be 500 ppm of
> versus 353 ppm ambient(at the time of the study). This indicates that the
> water is giving off a large amount of CO2.
This is pretty cool for me as a newcomer to this hobby. Where does
this CO2 come from?

> > http://www.aquaticscape.com/temp/UGO_A_1.jpg
> > http://www.aquaticscape.com/temp/UGO_A_2.jpg
> > Very brittle but pretty!
> I can't tell what this is.  Maybe a najas, or possibly one of the small
> of Potamogeton.  It *is* very pretty.
Is Najas related to Lagarosiphon madagascariensis and/or Egeria densa?
They seem to have the same leaf-vein-structure..