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Help needed - journal article

Actually free interlibrary loan, may be variable.  My University library passes on a 10 cent per page xerox fee.  And even if they obtain the original manuscript, they don't allow it to circulate past the gate.  So I have to pay 7 cents/page to copy it myself.  The original poster is welcome to e-mail me the citation if they are unable to get it by other means.

>Libraries should have an interlibrary loan service.  The way this 
>works is that the librarian looks up a library that has the 
>Biological Journal of the linnean Society during the 80's and then 
>writes them a letter asking them to copy the needed article for you. 
>You may have to wait two or three weeks to get the copy, but it is 
>free, paid for somehow or other by library funds.  The library at 
>Tougaloo College where I work is small and can not afford a large 
>selection of journals, and I have used interlibrary loan service a 
>number of times.  Only once, has the librarian been unable to find 
>the needed articles.  There is a reference journal called the Union 
>List of Serials that lists the journal holdings of libraries.  I 
>presume it is being kept up to date, but I have not used it for about 
>20 years, preferring to let my friendly librarian do it.