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Re: Help needed - journal article

Libraries should have an interlibrary loan service.  The way this 
works is that the librarian looks up a library that has the 
Biological Journal of the linnean Society during the 80's and then 
writes them a letter asking them to copy the needed article for you. 
You may have to wait two or three weeks to get the copy, but it is 
free, paid for somehow or other by library funds.  The library at 
Tougaloo College where I work is small and can not afford a large 
selection of journals, and I have used interlibrary loan service a 
number of times.  Only once, has the librarian been unable to find 
the needed articles.  There is a reference journal called the Union 
List of Serials that lists the journal holdings of libraries.  I 
presume it is being kept up to date, but I have not used it for about 
20 years, preferring to let my friendly librarian do it.

Paul Krombholz in hazy central Mississippi, having a spell of 
fall-like weather.