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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #310

Poor Cavan asked:
> I've had my Eheim Professional 2222 for about 8 months
> or so.  I have run the co2 line into the inlet
> strainer and used it as a co2 reactor, which has
> worked well.  A couple days ago I did a long overdue
> cleaning.  Since then it has airlocked (I think)
> several times and run dry.  Why now?  Why could it
> have run so well like this for so long and now keep
> stalling out?  I have enough to deal with now (grey
> slime from hell) without this.  Any help would be much
> appreciated.  I have heard about other people doing
> this without a problem.

I run CO2 into my Eheims without problems, but have had the "airlock" a few
times.  IME, it isn't from the CO2, but rather from not priming it properly
after cleaning and/or having a bad seal at the o-ring.  Sometimes air gets
trapped in the media and then locks up the filter once you leave it un
attended.  So, you could try a little silicone on the o-ring and re-priming
the filter.

HTH and hope the plants I sent you aren't too covered in slime!! :-)