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Re: Re: starving otocinclus

Thanks, Eric. I have been monitoring since I changed
the substrate-- 
I use Seachem Neutral 7.0 because my tap's alkaline,
and my KH and GH have reduced one degree (from 3 and 4
to 2 and 3, respectively). 
Thursday my NH3/NH4+ was .25 mg/l, and NO2- was
.3mg/l, and I did a 15% water change yesterday, so
everything's been pretty stable. 

He's still really active (frantic?!), just emaciated.
The LFS advised me to stick a rock in a tupperware by
the window and let it grow some algae, similar to what
you advised. So easy I feel like a moron for not
thinking of it!! Of course it's really overcast here
today, so it might be tomorrow before I get any good

As for the bullying-- the bossman of the tank is a
dwarf gourami who has never caused any physical damage
to anyone but will, to allay his boredom, chase the
oto from somewhere he wants to be. He's the one who
eats all wafers, sheets, etc. But even when he's
preoccupied, the oto's not into it. 
Do you think he would benefit from a tiny flower pot
(shotglass?) the gourami couldn't fit in? 

Unfortunately, he is the only oto-- I wish I could get
more but am pretty much maxed out on fish in there.
It's only a 6-gal, so, even after I get some algae
rowing, I'm not sure what more would eat. It is
immaculately maintained, but I don't want to push it. 
I appreciate your interest. I'll let you know how he
does with the algae rock.
> Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 05:46:47 +0000
> From: "Eric Wahlig" <ewahlig at hotmail_com>
> Subject: Re: starving otocinclus
> Erin,
> Are you monitoring the tank's water quality
> parameters since you changed the 
> substrate? If so, are there any significant changes
> from what it was 
> previously? I'm thinking that a big change in pH,
> hardness, or 
> ammonia/nitrite might stress him into not eating.
> I'm assuming the 
> temperature is O.K. Is it possible he is being
> bullied by other fish?
> Oto's usually subsist on a combination of algae and
> biofilm although they 
> can eat other things as well. You mention feeding
> zucchini. I think the 
> zucchini is a good food but too hard for them to eat
> unless steamed or 
> boiled for about ten minutes. Some things I would
> try:
>    -set up a small tank or bowl filled with tank
> water in a bright sunny 
> window, or outside, to promote algae growth on the
> walls of this container. 
> This may take a while but it will provide your
> Otocinclus with optimal food.
>    -get some algae, the soft green kind he probably
> likes, from another 
> aquarist or an aquarium shop/fish dealer and
> rubber-band a small amount of 
> it to a small rock so it doesn't float around.
> One last question: Is he the only one you've got?
> Oto's seem to be somewhat 
> gregarious and prefer to be in a group of at least
> three or four. Hope he 
> makes it. One of my favorite fish.
> Eric

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