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RE: Eheim Running Dry

I hear about Eheims airlocking once in a while here on this forum, but I have 
never had that experience. On my 4 tanks I have three 2217s, a 2213, and a 
2028 Pro II. All three 2217s have CO2 injected into them and have never 

The 2228 you have does not have the priming feature, so it is like the 2217s 
I have. IME after servicing the 2217, there is going to be some air in the 
filter itself. After I restart I gently rock (more like gently shake) the 
filter a bit and that sends most of the trapped gas into the impeller and 
thru the output. I do this several times over a period of a few minutes. 
Sometimes the filter will appear to run airlocked for a few seconds, then 
regain prime and be fine. 

Do you stop the CO2 from flowing while the filter is of for servicing? If you 
don't, and you inject thru the intake strainer, then you are displacing water 
in the intake hose setup. The CO2 collects in the inlet J tube that hangs 
over the top of the tank. That could lose the prime and/or add a lot of gas 
into the filter when you restart.

Restart the CO2 after you have rocked the filter and gotten the air out of 
the canister.

Hope this helps.


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