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Re: Brew Mix for Plants?

Rachel Sandage asked:

> . . .at Bill's Tavern (Foggy Notion Weissbier for me, 2x4 Stout
> the 
> spouse) I was looking at the compressed gas tanks in the brew
> One was 
> labeled "Brew Mix - CO2 & Nitrogen" Now, I don't know
what the ration
> of CO2 
> to N is, or what else might be in there, but let's assume it is
> CO2 and 
> N. What about bubbling that in, instead of pure CO2  and KNO3?
> would a 
> good CO2:N ratio be? Would the N form nasty compounds?

Take a deep breath and hold it.  That was mostly nitrogen.  Pretty
harmless although not only prevalent but preponderant in the
atmosphere.  It's often used as a displacement for air where the
presence of oxygen is undesirable.  I don't know why the brewers use it
but their supplier should be able to say what the ratio is.

And you just reminded me, I haven't had a beer in weeks.  Gotta go!

Scott H.

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