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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #297

JoAnn VanDersarl lost three lights at once

I know what sudden failures are like.  Sorry.

I don't think any shippers to residences will ship/deliver on Sunday in
any event.  So call around to local (or almost local) lfs and hardware
outfits and lighting stores in your approximate area.

I could send you a list of all the sites I know about to get PCs but
few on-line stores' order processing operations are open Sat and
Sunday, even if you can place an order on Sat or Sun.  

Or consider trying that 3-4 day blackout routine you heard so much
about.  (just trying to lighten up a painful condition)

I know that's not much help. Sorry.

3 at once.  Maybe your ballast or wiring went whacky?  Or maybe all in
the fixture stop lighting if one goes out.  Check the wiring if you can
for visually obvious problems.

And then, not to sound like I told you so, but "More spares."

scott h

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